/beyond/dhtml/article.php/3470541/DHTML--Layer-Tutorials.htm DHTML & Layer Tutorials

DHTML & Layer Tutorials

By Joe Burns

  • So, You Want DHTML, Huh? (Example #1)
         Dynamic HTML is a combination of Style Sheets, Layering, JavaScripts, Divisions, and Positioning that creates movement and interactivity. Get ready for the future!

  • DHTML Example #2
         Here's a video game where it's you against a UFO...

  • DHTML Example #3
         Create transitions between pages just like Power Point!

  • DHTML Example #4
         Create a folder tree and allow your viewers to open and close links in a frames format.

  • DHTML Example #5
         These note cards move back to front when you click on the tabs. It's a great way to supply your viewers with multiple levels of information!

  • DHTML Example #6
         Pass a mouse over a link and it changes colors! Here's how to do it.

  • DHTML Example #7
         Get a button to change colors like the text link above! Here's how.

  • DHTML Example #8
         Make a division appear and disappear at will! It's a great effect.

  • DHTML Example #9
         Create buttons and links so viewers can bookmark your page with one click!

  • DHTML Example #10
         If you've ever had trouble writing code for frames, like I do, then this is the script for you.

  • DHTML Example #11
         With the click of a button, anyone can make your home page their startup page.

  • DHTML Example #12
         A mouse trail effect. Get all kind of things following you all over the page.

  • DHTML #13
         Fullscreen Effect: Make it all really, really big!


  • So, You Want Layers, Huh?
         Here's the basic introduction to layering images (NN 4.0+ required).

  • Layers Part II: Adding Motion
         Add motion to those layered images (NN 4.0+ required)!

  • Layers Part III: Toggling
         Make a layer appear and disappear at will (NN 4.0+ required)!

  • Layers Part IV: Movement
         Use JavaScript to get a Layer to scroll across, or onto, your screen. It picks up where Layers Part II leaves off.

  • No Clicking!
         It won't stop clever criminals, but by stopping a user's right click you have a better chance keeping your images. Learn how to disable a user's right or left mouse button or to disable the mouse altogether!

  • So, You Want to Resize Windows, Huh?
         What if you created a page for 800x600 and some users doesn't have that screen setting? Resize their screens for them.

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