I Want My ASP!

By Vince Barnes


Our regular readers are probably wondering what happened to our ASP tutorial series and our new Dot Net series.  They were both in their infancy and we had some decision making to do.  We have concluded that since Dot Net is really a replacement for ASP and most of our readers are learning new technologies we are going to merge the two into one new series as a tutorial for Dot Net.

If you have been reading our ASP tutorial you will not have been wasting your time.  The Dot Net series builds on the knowledge you have acquired.  If you haven't read it yet, you can go ahead and do so now to build a background, although if you don't want to, that's ok too the Dot Net series is designed to be complete.

Check back soon!

You might want to subscribe to Goodies to Go (see the left side of this page).  The new series will be announced in the newsletter so you'll be sure to know when it starts.

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