Assignment 41: A Possible Answer

Note! "getYear()" has been updated to "getFullYear()" because of it now being the year 2000.

Also - I have set the date to January 1st, 2005.


<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">

RightNow = new Date()

mil = new Date("January 1, 2005")
mil.setYear = RightNow.getFullYear;
day = (1000*60*60*24)
computeDay = (mil.getTime() - RightNow.getTime()) / day;
DayResult = Math.round(computeDay);
mil.setMinutes = RightNow.getMinutes();
Minute = ((DayResult)*60)
computeMinute = (mil.getTime() - RightNow.getTime()) / Minute;
MinResult = Math.round(computeMinute);

document.write("<center> "+DayResult+" days and " +MinResult+ ", minutes until January 1<sup>st</sup>, 2005</center>");



Gives you this:


     You get the effect by grabbing the minute and figuring the number of minutes off of the DayResult figure, multiplied by 60.


Did You Get It?


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