Assignment 4: Here Are The Scripts

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">
document.write("You're using a " +navigator.appName+ " browser. Please click on the " +navigator.appName+ " link below to go to a page made just for you.")


"Thank you for coming in from<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">document.write(" " +document.referrer+ " ")</SCRIPT>to
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">document.write(" " +document.location+ " ")</SCRIPT>.
It's nice you came in after visiting<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">document.write(" " +history.length+ " ")</SCRIPT>pages.
I see you're using the<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">document.write(" " +navigator.appName+ " ")</SCRIPT>browser.
Good choice."


The Scripts Effects


"Thank you for coming in fromto. It's nice you came in after visitingpages."

     Notice that in the second one, I put in a fully formed script when I wanted the property returned. The script and end script flags butt right up against the text. The spaces are created in the document.write code.

Did You Get It?


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