Total Cost Form

This script was written by: Michael DeWolfe

     When any checkbox item is selected or de-selected, this script tallies all of the boxes for a total. It will add multiple fields, state and federal taxes, as well as the total. Then it's nice enough to send it right to your e-mail box.

     When you get the script, you'll see that the items are named item1 through item9. You'll change the prices at the top, and right under them, marked GST and PST, are the tax rates. The rest of it is pretty straightforward. Remember though, you'll have to change out the e-mail address so this arrives in your box.

Grab the Script

     Please note: This script is being offered in simple text format. When you click to Grab the Script, the text should display. Internet Explorer and AOL users may get a blank page or the script may run and produce the effect. If this happens, choose SAVE AS from the FILE menu and save the blank or compiled page.

Item One ($26.15)
Item Two ($26.10)
Item Three ($26)
Item Four ($26)
Item Five ($26.44)
Item Six ($26.10)
Item Seven ($26)
Item Eight ($26)
Item Nine ($25)
Tax (7%):
Tax (7%):
Grand Total
Company Name:
First Name:
Last Name:

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