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HVAC Hacks
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HVAC Hacks started as a facebook community where workers share pictures they find through-out their day. It is now a full fledged website getting near 70,000 pageviews daily, 80% of the traffic being mobile.

HTML5 usage:

HVAC Hacks is filled with HTML5 Tags such as and usage of itemprop from schema.org. The theme was created and maintained by Matthew McFarland. **The Lowdown: Frameworks: Yii, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, Isotope CMS: Wordpress 3.8.1 Features: AJAX for liking, commenting, post loading(not all), and form submissions. Masonry layout, schema.org microdata,. CSS3 transitions, CSS3 Responsiveness, Async Loading of: Images, Advertisements, and JS files. One great example is that images are not loaded until a JS script finds the width of the browser then changes the attributes 'data-src' to 'src' - therefore loading tiny files for tiny devices and larger files for desktop, etc. We also use MAX-CDN to deliver the goodies along with hardcore caching. Even when analytics says over 100 people on we're able to see pingdom report a page load in ~2 seconds. (page is visible in less than 1)

Technology Used:


HTML5 Browser Optimized for:

chrome firefox safari internetexplorer

Device Optimized for:

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