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Fish Tank Kings Build-a-Tank
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Created in HTML5 to run smoothly on desktop computers as well as iPad 3 and higher, the Build-a-Tank interactive features a boatload of selectable elements. We pushed the limits of the CreateJS library to enable users to create their ideal underwater wonderland using a colorful selection of fish, themes, bases, backgrounds, and d??cor. Our proprietary ??motion Engine allows fish to react to different stimuli with startling realism. For a truly unique tank, photogenic designers could snap selfies or photos of anything else in this wide world and upload them as backgrounds.

HTML5 usage:

Site includes animations, sounds, and interactivity via HTML5. Custom backgrounds can be uploaded. User creations persist online.

Technology Used:


HTML5 Browser Optimized for:

chrome firefox internetexplorer

Device Optimized for:



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