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  • JavaScript Function Arguments ES6 Style!

    In the ECMAScript 6 (ES6) spec, function arguments were enhanced with default values, rest parameters, and the spread operator. Rob Gravelle describes each of the new features and presents examples that illustrate their usage.

  • Create an HTML5 Initializr-based Subscription Page in Aptana Studio 3

    Initializr is an HTML5 templates generator that customizes HTML5 Boilerplate. In this tutorial, we'll employ Initializr to build a single page Web app that submits the user's email to a server-side PHP script for the purposes of subscribing to an email newsletter.

  • 10 Best JavaScript Data Grid Libraries

    Here are the top 10 JavaScript data grid libraries that will help you out support your customization endeavors. Let's learn more about them.

  • Advanced HTML and CSS Strategies for Web Projects

    Take a look at several advanced HTML and CSS strategies designed to help you create the best results with your Web projects.

  • Drawing Shapes with the Fabric.js Canvas Library

    Fabric.js is a HTML5 canvas library that enables drawing on canvas and manipulating canvas objects in an object-oriented way. Learn more about the most important features of Fabric.js.

  • JavaScript Frameworks that will Rule 2017

    Without a doubt, 2017 is poised to be another year of exponential growth for JavaScript, along with its frameworks and libraries.

  • Date Validation Using Moment.js

    Since the HTML5 date type is still not widely supported by browsers, many site owners choose to accept dates via text input--a decision that places extra burden on date validation. Learn how to use Moment.js's constructor and date validation methods to ensure that user-input dates are legal and valid.

  • Working with Cropper.js Previews

    The fengyuanchen Cropper.js library can provide a preview of the cropped image, thus providing real-time updates of the cropping container area. Learn how to modify a preview's size using a combination of CSS and JavaScript.

  • Creative Responsive WordPress Landing Page Themes

    Explore an array of WordPress landing page themes available to create a complete landing page with all the eye-catching features.

  • Featured Goodies

  • Exploring Online Webmaster Tools

    One of the most exciting developments of the Web is the emergence of online tools. There is even a category of web tools that caters specifically to webmasters. Rob Gravelle examines the role of the webmaster and presents a few sites that provide useful tools.

  • Top HTML5 Features: Simplified Script Tags, Autofocus, and More

    In part 2 of the Top HTML5 Features series, Rob Gravelle presents a few more great additions to the HTML spec, including simplified script and link tags, the autofocus feature, and more.

  • Revolutionary HTML5 Online Website Generation Tools: SILEX, Weebly, and Wix

    Online "no code" website generation tools can be accessed from any device, where ever you are, and that they enable you to create a great site without needing a lot of programming or coding knowledge. Rob Gravelle presents three of the most popular: SILEX, Weebly, and Wix.

  • HTML6 Proposals Wishlist

    Earlier this year, people started getting excited about some of the proposals for HTML6 that were being tossed around. Rob Gravelle highlights some of the more interesting ones.

  • Top HTML5 Features: DOCTYPE, FIGURE, and Form Enhancements

    HTML5 has been around long enough for us to take a close look at what its original intent was and if it has met the challenge.

  • HTML5 Coding Methodologies

    In order to develop in a smarter and better way, we should adopt a set of coding methodologies that foster a smoother development life cycle. Rob Gravelle explores a few of the latest coding methodologies that have found their way into web developers' arsenal.

  • HTML and Graphics Tutorials

  • Drawing Shapes with the Fabric.js Canvas Library

    Fabric.js is a HTML5 canvas library that enables drawing on canvas and manipulating canvas objects in an object-oriented way. Learn more about the most important features of Fabric.js.

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