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Automate Form Submissions using Bookmarklets

There are a myriad of uses for Bookmarklets. Rob Gravelle explains what they are, how they work, and how to use them to automatically fill out and submit a form one time or a thousand times...

HTML5 Canvas: What Is It?

So you fancy yourself a digital artist? Want to display some of those skills on the Internet? Maybe your hands are a little shaky and you are better at painting by numbers (literally) than with an...

Extending the Vaadin Mobile Application Framework's Built-in Themes

Previously you saw how Vaadin uses Sass's ("Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets") CSS3 extension format to apply styling themes to its applications. Now Rob shows you how to employ a custom...

HTML5 Mobile Development Tips

So you have decided to step into the arena of mobile application development and see if you can't become the creator of the world's next "big" app.

HTML5 Game Development Overview and Resources

So, you have finally decided to take the plunge and develop the next big video game. Read on and James Payne will show you where to start.

HTML5 Game Developer Tips

In this HTML5 game development tutorial, we are going to look at some best practices and tips to consider when making that next hit video game.


HTML5 Pushing the limits of web development so you can build a new class of experience

Get Connected: Integrate Social Media Features into Your Own Sites

If you build a useful, informational site, it will likely get some traffic. For a while. But if you want to keep people coming back, to get them addicted to your sites, you’ve got to more>>

Making Beautiful Style Together: Visual Studio and Bootstrap

CSS offers power and flexibility aplenty. But a build-it-as-you-go approach to site style results in CSS files that look like they were created by Dr. Frankenstein.  Visual Studio more>>

HTML5 Articles and Resources
The HTML5 markup language helps you to create leading edge web pages and sites. See how to do a variety of HTML5 tips and tricks using the following articles, tutorials, and how-tos.
HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript are the core for building leading edge, standardized websites. But other technologies aid in this as well. The following articles go beyond just the core.
HTML5 provides portability for mobile devices. The following HTML5 articles will help you get the most out of your HTML5 mobile applications.
HTML5 sparkles when you add style. The following will help you tap the newest features of cascading style sheets(CSS3) to get the most from your HTML5 content.
HTML5 can be used to create cool sites and features. Select any of these to learn how they use HTML5, CSS3 and related technologies.
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    Video: Building Awesome HTML Apps in Blend for Windows 8

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    HTML5 ebook

    HTML5 is the new standard that is expected to take over the Web. New versions of browsers are already starting to support the advanced features. Learn why HTML5 is important and discover how to use start using it today.
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